CAPA Celebrates 15 Years!

Pacific Auto Company has distributed CAPA certified parts since their inception. CAPA uses a test fit evaluation method to ensure aftermarket body parts meet or exceed OEM standards. To be sure, the certification process is highly rigorous. CAPA certification benefits the auto collision repair industry by ensuring quality and fitment. Competition between various suppliers to have their parts CAPA certified has in turn made the suppliers more quality conscious. Pacific Auto Company is proud to be part of this maturation process.

From CAPA’s press release:

“Fifteen years ago this month, the Certified Automotive Parts Association dramatically increased the quality of CAPA Certified aftermarket parts by developing its unique
Vehicle Test Fit (VTF) program.

Since incorporating the CAPA VTF into its program in 1999, CAPA has performed over 10,000 VTFs to insure that the gap, flush and fit of CAPA parts matches those of the car company brand parts. Since then, there has been a dramatic increase in the quality of the aftermarket parts submitted for testing under CAPA’s rigorous certification standards. Prior to CAPA’s VTF, independent manufacturers were often matching the characteristics of car company brand parts that, themselves, didn’t fit well. The program was so successful that after it was initiated, CIC performed blind test fits to compare CAPA Certified parts to car company service parts. CIC participants selected the CAPA Certified part 5 out of 8 times as a better fit. CAPA added the VTF process not only to replicate the experience of the shop in installing parts, but because car company brand service parts could not be depended on as fitting well all the time.”