In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, legislative initiatives play a crucial role in shaping the future of aftermarket collision replacement parts. As proud members of the Automotive Body Parts Association (ABPA), Pacific Auto Company (PAC) is committed to supporting ABPA’s “Taking Action in 2024!” campaign, particularly in advocating for the passage of both the SMART Act and the REPAIR Act.

Why the SMART Act and the REPAIR Act Matter

The SMART (Strengthening Measures to Advance Right to Repair) Act and the REPAIR (Promoting Automotive Repair, Trade, and Sales) Act are pivotal pieces of legislation aimed at promoting fair competition, consumer choice, and innovation in the automotive aftermarket.

The SMART Act focuses on ensuring that vehicle owners and independent repair facilities have access to the information, tools, and software needed to repair and maintain modern vehicles. This empowers consumers to choose where they have their vehicles serviced and promotes a competitive aftermarket landscape.

Similarly, the REPAIR Act seeks to protect consumers’ rights to choose where they purchase aftermarket parts for vehicle repairs. By preventing automakers from restricting access to critical repair information and parts, the REPAIR Act fosters a level playing field for aftermarket suppliers and promotes innovation and affordability for consumers.

Our Support for ABPA’s Advocacy Efforts

At PAC, we wholeheartedly support ABPA’s advocacy efforts to advance the SMART Act and the REPAIR Act. These legislative measures align with our core values of fairness, transparency, and consumer empowerment.

By advocating for the passage of these bills, we aim to:

– Promote fair competition and consumer choice in the automotive aftermarket.
– Ensure that vehicle owners have access to affordable, high-quality aftermarket collision replacement parts.
– Empower independent repair facilities to compete on a level playing field with automakers’ authorized dealerships.
– Foster innovation and technological advancement in the aftermarket industry.

Join Us in Taking Action

As the key role of the aftermarket collision replacement parts industry, PAC invites you to join us in supporting ABPA’s efforts to advance the SMART Act and the REPAIR Act in 2024. Together, we can make a meaningful impact by advocating for legislative reforms that benefit consumers, independent repair facilities, and aftermarket suppliers alike.

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