Beware of Unauthorized Social Media Accounts Misusing Pacific Auto Company’s Brand and Identity

To Our Valued Customers,

Our security team has been notified of increasing attempts from malicious actors using PAC Auto’s information and scamming potential clients on social media. We have heard from clients who are exchanging messages with these malicious pages about the fictitious products they offer. They have been stealing information from multiple websites and scamming clients using payment applications such as Cash App and Venmo.

PAC Auto currently is not exchanging or taking orders on any social media site, especially Facebook.

What can you do to protect yourself?

1. Use our website directly to navigate to our platform: We recommend that you always go to our website to contact us about orders. Our URL remains the same at Our official Facebook URL is

2. Beware of Email Scams: Remain vigilant with email and carefully monitor the domain of the sender. Malicious actors may attempt to impersonate the tone, imagery, and branding of legitimate PAC Auto emails.

3. Be Aware of Non-Standard Communication Channels: If it is outside of the typical channel of communication you receive from PAC Auto, do not engage. We currently only conduct business through phone calls, emails, and websites, never through social media.

The protection of our customers and community is of the utmost importance. Please do not hesitate to report to us if you see signs of malicious activities.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Pacific Auto Company