Cooling Products

  1. Radiators

    RadiatorPacific Auto Company offers the greatest selection of radiators in the market. For over 10 years, Pacific Auto Company has manufactured and distributed our own line of PBI radiators and condensers. We believe in providing our customers with the best and continuously strive to improve our products. Aside from the PBI brand, we also stock an extensive variety of name brand cooling products including Hella, Delphi, Koyo, Nissens, Valeo, and Vista Pro. Pacific Best Inc. has the largest inventory for most makes and models and carries both OEM and aftermarket replacement cooling products.

  2. AC Condensers

    AC CondenserA-C Condenser, another heat exchange system, is an air conditioning system’s best friend. Just like our radiators, Pacific Auto Company’s own line of high quality AC Condensers are designed with the highest quality, fit, and function in mind. The vast majority of our condensers feature parallel flow construction, which offers superior heat transfer over serpentine flow designs. Our condensers are put through many rigorous tests in order to guarantee optimal performance.

  3. Cooling Fan Assemblies

    fanPacific Auto Company carries a wide selection of radiator and condenser cooling fan assemblies to complement almost any automobile’s cooling system. These fan assemblies are built with high-grade ball bearings, magnets, and carbon brushes to ensure high quality, durability and reliability.

  4. The PBI Brand

    PR0624AOur PBI Radiators undergo a robust quality assurance process that ensures our customers get the best product in the market. Designed and manufactured to OE standards, including materials, specifications, and measurements, PBI radiators offer optimal cooling efficiency and performance for all vehicles. Our plastic and aluminum core radiators cover more than 30,000 applications and are available for most make and model cars from 1960 to the present.