Auto Body Parts

  1. Hoods

    hoodThe hood is an integral part of a car that covers and protects the engine in a front-engine vehicle. While the outer panel acts as the car’s skin, the inner panel serves as a sound dampener that can eliminate or decrease typical engine noises. Pacific Auto Company carries OE quality steel, aluminum and sheet molding compound (SMC) hoods for hundreds of makes and models.

  2. Fenders

    fenderFenders frame the body’s wheel wells and protect the car from dents and scratches from objects on the road that could be flung into the air by the tires. Our steel and SMC material fenders are manufactured with precision and quality, ensuring the most optimal fit and reliability.

  3. Bumpers

    bumperBumpers are the most damage prone part on a car. They are generally the first point of contact in a collision and absorb most of the shock and intensity of an impact minimizing damage to other parts. Pacific Auto Company supplies bumpers made of strong sheet metal or aluminum that help protect your car and all of its parts: headlamps, fenders, etc. We offer the most competitive pricing on all our bumpers, making it easy to find the perfect replacement bumper at the right price.

  4. Bumper Covers

    bumper coverBumper covers are typically constructed from ABS plastic and help to reinforce and strengthen a bumper by helping to absorb more of the impact and energy in a collision. They are the most prominently featured body part for most modern automobiles. At PAC, you can be assured that your bumper cover will not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle, but also help support your bumper with high quality, durability, and reliability.

  5. Replacement Lights

    automotive lampsPacific Auto Company carries an extensive line of automotive replacement lamps: head lamp assemblies, fog lamp assemblies, corner lamp assemblies, tail lamp assemblies, front and rear side markers, parking lamps and signal lamps and more for almost all makes and models. These lamps are manufactured and tested vigorously to ensure the best quality, safety, durability, and fit. PAC supplies most premium industry brands for aftermarket lamp replacement products, all of which meet SAE/DOT standards. We also carry a vast selection of CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) certified replacement lights to ensure that the products are OE comparable in form, fit and function. PAC works closely with our vendors to carry lights for the most current models to keep up with the ever-changing automotive industry.

  6. Door Mirrors

    door mirrorDoor mirrors are one of the most important safety features of a car. PAC offers a wide selection of replacement mirrors for all types of vehicles. Our door mirrors are OE quality and are available with both standard and premium features. Each replacement mirror has been manufactured to OE specifications using the most current manufacturing techniques and quality controls, including tests against glass vibration, to ensure optimal fit and performance.

  7. Grilles

    grilleA grille covers the opening at the front of your vehicle to allow airflow to the engine and is often used as a unique styling element. Grilles change from model to model as a simple way to update the design of the vehicle. Common locations for the grille include under the hood, in the front bumper, or in the cowl top for cabin ventilation. PAC offers an extensive inventory of grilles that have been manufactured to OE specifications in primed-black or chrome.

  8. Other Products

    Other replacement parts we carry include: Energy Absorbers, Bumper Reinforcements, Bumper Brackets, Bumper Ends, Bumper Fillers, Bumper Moldings, Inner Fender Aprons, Fender Liners, Fender Extension/Flares, Grille Shells, Grille Moldings, Header Panels, Headlamp Doors, Hood Moldings, Valances, Radiator Supports, Tailgates, Step Bumpers, Mounting Kits, Window Regulators, Mounting Brackets and more.